Firefighter Hops Onto NYC Marathon Route to Propose to Girlfriend Running Race

Talk about a personal best! A firefighter got down on one knee at the New York City marathon on Sunday to propose to his girlfriend of four years as she was running the race.

Dennis Galvin reportedly hopped over a barrier around mile 16 to surprise nurse Kaitlyn Curran, who was running her first marathon. “People in the race were slowing down to take pictures. It was indescribable just to be there and see it all,” Galvin’s cousin Kathleen Figueroa told CBS News.

“She cried a little bit, said yes, hugged him, and then said, ‘OK, I have to go finish my race.'” Figueroa adds, “They’re both very happy. We can’t wait for the wedding.”

Was your proposal this crazy, or was it quite a bit more toned down than this one?

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