A 9-year-old boy wasn’t happy with his town’s ban on snowball fights, so he decided to do something about it.

Dane Best eloquently convinced every single member on the town’s board to vote unanimously in  favor of lifting the century-old ban.

(Timothy Hurst/The Coloradoan via AP)


Dane’s mom says when he first found out that it was illegal to throw snowballs, he and his friends looked around for police and joked about breaking the law.

Then he decided to really do something about it – writing letters with his classmates signatures.

Proof that kids have the power to change the law….to change the world.

After successfully overturning the ban, making it legal for kids to throw snowballs again, Dane was asked who he wants to throw his first snowball at. He pointed to his little brother.

The town has other weird laws that make it illegal to have a guinea pig. Dane of course, has a guinea pig


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