If you love the movie Dumb & Dumber, you’ll love this!

Remember the fancy hotel that Harry and Lloyd stay in while skiing in Aspen?

It’s called Denver’s Curtis Hotel and it’s in Colorado. They’re offering a special ski vacation package inspired by the 1994 Dumb & Dumber movie.

The weekend getaway trip for two includes ruffled tuxedos with matching baby blue and orange top hats.

(Image Credit: New Line Cinema)

It also comes with a two-night stay, private jet transportation to and from Aspen, lift-tickets, moped rental, cash for spa services, brunch and a 12-pack of beer from the Aspen Beer Company

The whole excursion is priced at $10,000

I think this is pretty dumb. What’s dumber? The person who pays this outlandish amount. HA!

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