This woman was stung by a scorpion on an Air Transat flight.

You’ve seen the movie, “Snakes On A Plane” but this is the real life sequel you don’t want to happen to you!

The flight was from Toronto to Calgary and right before it landed, Quin Maltais says she felt something flutter on her lower back

Initially she ignored it, assuming it was the plane’s air conditioning blowing down her back. But then……OUCH!

Right as the plane was preparing to land she felt the unmistakable, unforgettable bite of something….BUT WHAT?! When she was finally able to take off her seat belt she was mortified to find this 4 inch (10cm) long scorpion who she says was ON HER for the past 30 minutes.  AND SHE HAD NO IDEA!

(This is NOT the actual scorpion. Image Credit: Associated Press)

The Air Transat fight attendant apparently didn’t believe the woman at first, blaming it on a gum wrapper. Then she saw the scorpion with her own eyes.

The airline says they have NO idea how this scorpion got on a Canadian flight. Meanwhile, this poor woman will likely be scarred for life. She says she had a full-fledged panic attack and paramedics had to strap her down when she was taken off the plane. No serious injuries, luckily.

The scorpion was removed from the Canadian flight once all passengers evacuated the plane


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