Spring is FINALLY here! Time to open up the windows, let the fresh air in and clean away your winter worries.

A clean home still feels messy when it’s cluttered, so you’ll want to start your deep clean by decluttering items you don’t need.  Room by room, start to remove everything that doesn’t belong there; keep a garbage bag handy for anything that isn’t worth keeping, a box for donations and a box for recycling.  Once you’ve removed the clutter from each room of your home, take the garbage, recycling and donations out of the house as soon as possible so they’re gone for good. Relocate all keep worthy items you’ve collected to their proper places.


If you’re unsure of where to begin, there are some clutter tips you can follow to help get you started:

  1. Living Room: clear items that don’t belong on shelves, coffee table, storage boxes and cabinets
  2. Kitchen: sort through kitchen cabinets and recycle all empty take out containers you’ve collected, clear items from cabinet tops, remove expired food products from the fridge and shelves, and safely dispose of cleaning products you don’t use anymore
  3. Entrance/foyer: remove out of season clothing from closet + all storage areas; give your winter clothing a good wash and pack them away for next year in proper storage bins
  4. Bedroom: remove clutter from dresser/armoire and your bedroom closet, including clothing that no longer fits or that you haven’t worn in the last year
  5. Bathroom: remove all items that don’t belong in the bathroom/linen closet and under the bathroom sink. Check for expired and old make up products that you can toss out

Once you’ve finished de-cluttering, it’s time to start actually cleaning! Below are some pointers that you can easily knock off your list to make your home feel fresh:

  • Dust the top of ceiling fans, blinds, shelves, lamps, computers, televisions, printers etc.
  • Sanitize all door knobs and railings
  • Sweep/vacuum/mop all floors and stairs (don’t forget under the beds!)
  • Wipe all windows by adding vinegar in a spray bottle and wiping with newspaper. It works wonders if you don’t have a window cleaner handy!

Now that your home is neat and tidy it’s time to put up your feet and enjoy the fresh air, just in time for spring!

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