There’s nothing worse than trying to meet a deadline when you’re surrounded by clutter!  If you’re prone to sifting through paperwork or opening multiple drawers to find what you’re looking for, it’s time to give your workspace a makeover.

Follow a few simple steps and your workspace will soon become your happy place!


Scan + Shred

If paperwork is taking over your desk, drawers, and piling up all around you, it’s a good idea to start clearing out what you no longer need.  Start by recycling everything that you no longer need, and shredding documents if needed.  Next, scan important documents, and file them digitally.  If you no longer need the hard copy, shred + recycle it so it’s gone forever.  For paper documents that need to be kept, categorize them in a way that makes sense to YOU.  Do you tend to search for things by date, or by category, or by project?  These are important questions to ask yourself when creating a filing system that will work, and you’ll be able to maintain.


Staplers, Scissors and Hole Punchers, Oh My!

Yes, there are plenty of tools that you require to do your job – but do you really need them all?  Now that the paperwork has been cleared off your desk, empty all items out of your drawers, shelves etc. and place them on your desk so you can prioritize what you use most and place it where it will be easily accessible.  Pencils and pens that you use frequently can be stored in a jar on your desk, or where they’ll be easily accessible in one of your top drawers.  Other items you use regularly can also be kept on your desk if there’s enough space for them to be there without causing clutter.  Items that you only use sometimes can be placed in a drawer, and items that you never use can be donated.  If you work in an open office space, you may also want to consider storing tools that aren’t used frequently in a communal area so they can be shared.


Now for the Fun Part!

You’ve purged, you’ve cleaned, you’ve organized.  Now it’s time to make your workspace your happy place!

Adding some greenery, and a quick trip to the dollar store can help change your plain office into a coordinated work centre that makes you feel good about being there.  Matching file folders, a stylish DIY mason jar pencil holder, a matching picture frame and a cute whiteboard and calendar can spruce up your space quite nicely!

Tip: Before you go overboard with storage containers and file folders, take a look at the items you’ve kept, and how you’ve organized them and only purchase items that will make your office space a more productive area.  If you buy more storage than needed, you’ll end up filling your space with things that aren’t necessary and you’ll be back to being burdened with clutter.