Do you do April Fools’ Day

If you do, here are some fun and harmless tricks that will bring a smile (or maybe an eye roll…) to kids of all ages! 

For the youngsters:

  • Set homemade Jello in drinking glasses the night before to add a twist to their morning cup of juice
  • Replace the contents of sugary boxed cereals with a healthier brand
  • Stuff shoes with paper towel so your anxious to be “big” tots will think they’ve outgrown their shoes!
  • Stick a gummy worm in an apple for a tasty trick to enjoy at lunch
  • Sporadically play puppy (or other animal) sound effects through your smart home speakers – you can tell your kiddies there’s a new addition to the family, or act surprised and help them find the “dog” in the house!
  • For dessert?  How about an “ice cream Sunday” made with mashed potatoes!


For the tech lovers:

  • Change the wifi password to AprilFools
  • Download a ‘cracked screen’ app to their device
  • Change their ring tone and notification sounds to a personal message from yourself using the Voice Memos app on iPhone, or Voice Recording app on Android
  • Unplug the TV, or remove the batteries from the remote control.  If they aren’t instantly enticed to pick up another device, it’ll be a great learning experience on problem solving!