Are you constantly struggling to find a meal your kids will eat without kicking up a fuss?

Here are some quick and easy meals you can make with your kids so they aren’t so quick to push away their plates!

Mini Pizzas

Make your dough from scratch, or use a time friendly crust such as a bagel, pita, or english muffin and let the kids add their own toppings.  Pop them in the oven until the cheese has melted and you’re good to go!


Taco Tuesday anyone? Have the kids help prep the toppings while you cook the meat.  Once everything is on the table, they’ll enjoying assembling (and eating) their masterpiece!

Spaghetti Monsters

Chop up uncooked hotdogs, and get your kids to poke raw spaghetti sticks through the pieces.  They can put one piece through, or several.  Boil them until both the spaghetti and hot dogs are cooked for a fun dinner that’s as fun to play with as it is to eat!

(Photo: Dave Stabler)

Pigs in A Blanket 

Grab some ready-made croissant dough, and have the kids wrap hotdogs in the pastry triangles and pop them into the oven for 8-10 minutes, or as instructed on the dough package.  It’s a fun twist to traditional hot dogs, and because they helped wrap them up, chances are they’ll gobble them up too! Tip: Add a handful of their favourite raw veggies to their plate to sneak in some extra nutrition


Dice up their favourite toppings, and let them get gooey cracking their own eggs and mixing in their selected ingredients.  An omelette crafted especially for them, by them is something they’re sure to love!