Locally voters chose to go red again re-electing both Paul Lefebvre for Sudbury and Marc Serre in Nickel Belt.

Lefebvre was favoured to win the Sudbury riding and beat out NDP candidate Beth Mairs with PC candidate Pierre St. Amant coming in third.

Lefebvre praised the other candidates saying the campaign locally was what Canadians expect.

In Sudbury early numbers are showing that just under 48 thousand people voted…down slightly from the last federal election which saw almost 50 thousand cast their ballots.

In Nickel Belt the race was a little tighter between incumbent Marc Serre and Stef Paquette of the NDP.

The two candidates were within 400 votes of each other for most of the night…until Serre pulled away winning by more than 3,000 votes.

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You can also re-watch the full local live elected show which includes winning speeches from the two MP’s here.