Because of power outages there are a number of schools closed today, they are:


  • Markstay Public School
  • Ecole St-Antoine
  • Ecole publique Rivière des Français
  • Monetville Public School

Also, transportation is cancelled ONLY in the MORNING in the Sudbury District.

Buses will be running this afternoon and all day in Manitoulin, Espanola and Massey.

Due to poor road conditions on most side roads and in the interest of public safety, all school related transportation services for English Catholic, English public, French Catholic and French public schools, operating in the district of SUDBURY (this includes all areas such as St-Charles, Noëlville, Monetville, Markstay, Hagar, Warren, Wahnapitae, Coniston, Killarney, Whitefish, Whitefish River First Nations, Onaping, Chelmsford, Capreol, Valley East, Garson, Chelmsford and Azilda) are cancelled today. All schools will remain open, however transportation will only be offered in the afternoon.

Therefore, parents who transport their children to school this morning will not need to pick their children up at the end of the school day, since school related transportation will be available.  Please note that some students residing in rural areas may require an alternate drop off.

All staff is expected to report to work.