This letter was sent out to all media as locally owned and operated restaurants struggle through the virus outbreak.



Our community is facing an unprecedented challenge. We are at the mercy of change, minute by minute, and we are all doing our best to cope with these necessary adjustments – anything to protect the health of Sudburians: our loved ones, friends, and customers.

This isn’t a challenge purely because of the health crisis; the need for social distance will have far-reaching consequences, and it is the local businesses that will feel the pain, much more than the places with corporate backing.

It’s for this reason that the restaurants behind SHARE, the Sudbury Hospitality Association of Restaurant Entrepreneurs, have decided to get creative in our continued support of our community’s needs: for health, and for great food.

To do what’s best to keep you safe, while still supporting local business – and truly, to find a brief respite in what could be a long road ahead – we want our customers to know we’ve found a way to ensure that you can practice social distancing, while still enjoying the best in local Sudbury cuisine.

You can order take out, delivery or pickup, and if you’re in a high-risk group, we’d be happy to bring it to your car. We’ll all be moving to single-use items as well, so everything is new to you.

You can come in and pick up a gift certificate and use it in the future – something to look forward to during the long days – or a chance to celebrate sometime soon.

Feel free to ask us anything – including what meals we have that freeze well, perfect for later use!

As a non-profit, we have always done our best to contribute to this community, in any way we can. This is your chance to stay safe and healthy, while helping us operate as close to normal as possible, ensuring that our staff can continue to work, and our doors can remain open.

So give us a call, and we’ll follow our motto: ‘supporting our community, on bite at a time.’

Thank you for your support, and here’s to making this easier and safer, one day at a time.


Your SHARE group of restaurants:


Bella Vita Cucina                                                        P&M Kouzzina

Di Gusto                                                                     Verdicchio

Hardrock GastroPub                                                   Tony V’s

JD Southern Smokehouse                                           M.I.C

Mr. Prime Rib