Imagine this: You’re driving down a dark highway, alone in your vehicle, when a pickup truck appears as if from nowhere, speeds up to your bumper and tails you so closely you can’t see their headlights. Then, several minutes later, suddenly brakes, pulls a U-turn and vanishes into the night.

That’s what one Sudbury woman reported happened to her on the evening of May 4. Concerned about speaking out given the nature of the incident, she asked for anonymity. In agreeing to keep her anonymous, confirmed with police that the woman of the same name did file a report about the incident that matches the description she provided.

The woman said she was travelling westbound on Highway 17 just past Warren, east of Sudbury, on May 4. At around 9:30 p.m., she said a vehicle “appeared out of nowhere and was coming up excessively fast.”

“So fast, I assumed it was a Warren OPP officer,” she said. “Except, when the vehicle reached me where the passing lanes open up, he didn’t roar around me, or flash any emergency lights, (the driver) just had on high beams.”

Instead of passing her, however, the woman said the driver pulled even closer to her back bumper.

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