Jamie choose “Gimme More” about the bull named Ron who caused havoc in a Scottish town…..here are the other 2 stories you didn’t get to hear about on the air!


One mother was red as a lobster at Red Lobster on Mothers Day  

Folks – we’re never going to get through this if some of you keep acting like… well, you know the word we’re thinking of. At a Red Lobster in East York, Pennsylvania, one mother apparently went completely out of control on Mother’s Day. In a now viral video, workers are seen pushing the woman out of the restaurant. The woman, who identifies herself as Kathy Hill, demands a refund and workers assure her she will receive one, but she then tries to force her way back inside and ends up taking a swing at the manager. Unlike the restaurant workers, she was not wearing a mask. The scuffle continued outside the restaurant, with other workers separating the woman and the manager. So what set her off? Police Lt. Tony Beam says officers spoke to the woman, who “was upset because her food wasn’t ready.” He also noted that customers were not allowed inside the restaurant, which is required to offer only take-out and delivery service. It seems staff shortages meant customers experienced longer wait times last Sunday. In a statement, Red Lobster said: “We expect our team members [to] treat our guests with respect, and we expect our guests to treat our team members with respect in return. We are grateful our manager and the guest involved were not seriously injured in the incident on Sunday.”?To their credit – Red Lobster decided not to press charges – through they certainly could have. Whatever happened to all those “We’re All In This Together” memes? Give these poor people a break. We’re all just trying to figure out how to survive and make ends meet during this horror. Wait – didn’t I just say that?? (Newser) 


A Man Attempts to Break Guinness Record With a 113-Pound ______________ 

This man found a huge fruit in his backyard and now it could break a world record. 

  • An Indian man is trying to get Guinness World Record reps to recognize the enormous jackfruit that grew on his family property. 
  • The jackfruit weighs 113.3-pounds and is 38-inches long.? 
  • He decided to seek recognition from Guinness after discovering the current record jackfruit is only 94-pounds.