Here are the 2 stories Jamie did NOT choose to hear more about this morning….


Father Tim Pelc improvises by squirting holy wateat a socially distant service!  

Father Tim Pelc, who is a priest in Michigan recently went viral with his unique way of blessing churchgoers. 

A photo was taken by parishioner Larry Peplin, who posted a picture of the priest squirting holy water using a water gun on the St. Ambrose Parish facebook page last month. 

While the holy communion cannot be taken right now due to social distancing restrictions, the Father was looking for a creative way to bless the children… 

As each car drives up for a quick blessing, the priest is seen squirting water into the car windows! 


Who Knew? Turns Out Google Not Good at Self-Diagnosis!
New research has found that if you’re using Google to self-diagnose your illness, you’re more than likely getting bad information and the wrong adviceTo test the symptom checkers, the researchers used 48 medical conditions and had the “correct” diagnoses confirmed by two general practitioners and an emergency department specialist. They found searching on the internet only provided a correct diagnosis as the first result just 36% of the time, and the correct diagnosis within the top three results 52% of the time. The advice given on when and where to seek health care was accurate 49% of the time. Lead author Michella Hill said, “While it may be tempting to use these tools to find out what may be causing your symptoms, most of the time they are unreliable at best and can be dangerous at worst.” She added, “We’ve all been guilty of being ‘cyberchondriacs’ and googling at the first sign of a niggle or headache, but the reality is these websites and apps should be viewed very cautiously as they do not look at the whole picture – they don’t know your medical history or other symptoms.”?