Jamie asked to hear more about the heartbroken woman who sent her ex a bunch of onions…..here are the other two stories!


An ex-NBA star credits homeless man with his $300,000. Do you think he gave him a cut? 

On Sunday in Southern California, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas was at a gas station when a homeless man asked him if he could spare some change. According to Arenas’ Instagram post, he told the man he’d give him $5 and use the other $5 to make it to his “hook-up gas station” for lottery tickets several miles away. The homeless man replied that $5 wouldn’t buy enough gas to get Arenas where he was going, so the man told him, “Keep the $10 and after you win, hook me up with $20.” Arenas, who made millions of dollars during his NBA career, then drove to his destination station, which had closed early that day. But the station’s manager texted Arenas the next day, informing him that he’d played Arenas’ regular lottery numbers for him and had won $300,000. Arenas says he went back and found the homeless man at the original gas station and “gave him his cut,” which?The L.A. Times?says was likely “significantly more than what was agreed upon.” 



Korean Soccer Club Hit With Record Fine For Placing THIS in the stands…. 

South Korean soccer club FC Seoul have been fined a record 100 million Korean won ($82,000) for using blow up dolls to fill empty seats during a recent K-League match. The club used about 20 dolls, some wearing team colors and holding signs, in the stands Sunday. TV viewers noticed that the dolls weren’t mannequins, and some of the signs bore the name of an adult toy manufacturer. The K-League imposed the fine because the team damaged “the prestige and integrity of the league.” The league forbids inappropriate advertisements, and ruled that the team had plenty of time before kickoff to realize that using the dolls was a mistake. The team has disciplined a club employee, and said they would not appeal the ruling.