If so, don’t be too hard on yourself. A new survey of people who regularly exercise found that HALF have completely given up on having a “beach body” in 2020.  Because there’s not enough time, and what’s the point?

The average person in the study has gained five pounds in lockdown (who are these people who have only gained 5 pounds?!), and says it’ll take two months just to get back to where they were.

Other things uncovered by the survey…..

1.  49% are worried they’ll NEVER get their pre-quarantine body back.

2.  64% feel less healthy than they did a few months ago.

3.  Half said they’ve been eating more carbs, like pasta, white bread, and sweets.

4.  A third have been drinking more alcohol.

5.  54% have bought at least one piece of workout equipment in quarantine.  But a lot of people have had to improvise.  39% said they’ve used a chair to exercise, and 34% have incorporated a wall into their workout.

All that aside, let’s remember……EVERY BODY IS A “BEACH BODY”!