Remember when you could flirt with people?!

After the pandemic, you may need to brush up on your flirting skills if you’re a little off your game. A new study in Greece identified 47 different traits that make you an effective flirter.  500 people were asked to name different tactics that have worked on them in the past.

Here are the ten most common answers:

1.  Humor.

2.  Intelligence.

3.  Good looks.  Men ranked that one higher than women did.

4.  Politeness.

5.  Honesty.

6.  The level of interest you show in them.

7.  Being good with words.

8.  Being persistent.

9.  Being respectful.  Women ranked that one higher than men.

10.  Showing that you have good character.

Here are a few that ranked lower, but were still seen as effective:  Confidence, having common interests, being spontaneous, being mysterious, giving them a compliment, being romantic, being bold and smelling good.