Jamie asked to hear more about the headline regarding the family that found $1 million on the road. Here are the other two stories!


So – You Just Couldn’t Wait for That Haircut Could You?
One hundred and forty clients at a Missouri hair salon were potentially exposed to the coronavirus after two hairstylists worked while symptomatic, and then later tested positive for COVID-19. The Great Clips in Springfield says it is reaching out directly to all customers impacted and that all will be offered tests. After the first stylist tested positive, the city on Friday said 84 customers and seven employees had potential exposure; on Saturday, the city revealed the second stylist had tested positive and had worked while “experiencing very mild symptoms,” adding 56 customers to the list of potential exposures. The first stylist worked eight days while symptomatic, the second worked five. Both were wearing face coverings, as were customers. The salon has since been closed for cleaning and sanitizing. One customer whose hair was cut by the first stylist says officials have asked him to self-quarantine for 14 days while monitoring himself for symptoms. He said, “All this because someone wasn’t responsible. I know that the employee feels really bad about what happened. I’m sure they both do but you have a situation that caused a chain reaction.”?(Newser) 


Many American republicans believe one celebrity wants to use the COVID-19 vaccine to microchip people. 

A recent poll shows 44 percent of American Republicans think that Bill Gates is working on a vaccine for the coronavirus–only to implant people with microchips and track their movements.?The New York Daily News?reports that, for that reason, they might not want to get a vaccine.?Nineteen percent of Democrats agree, but 52 percent called the conspiracy theory not credible. Only 26 percent of Republicans disbelieve the Gates theory.?50 percent of people who believe Gates wants to implant them cite Fox News as their primary news source, although the outlet hasn’t mentioned it.?More than 80 percent of Republicans, Democrats and independents alike agree that false information about the pandemic is being reported, although they disagree what it is.?The Gates Foundation has promised $300 million towards ending the pandemic.