KFC Is Working on a New Sandwich With a Bun That “Hugs It the Right Way” 

This chicken retailer is hoping to satisfy with a newer, crispier sandwich. 

  • KFC is rolling out a new chicken sandwich called “KFC Chicken Sandwich.” 
  • “It includes a chicken filet that’s 20% larger. It has thicker pickles and a new type of bun to ‘hug it in the right way,'” said the chain’s chief marketing officer. 
  • It’s being tested in Orlando, Florida until June 21. 

If you didn’t like the chicken-doughnuts combo or the chicken-crocs collab, KFC is hoping you’ll be happy with a new chicken sandwich. According to CNN, the chain is working on a brand new sandwich. Even though the name–“KFC Chicken Sandwich”–is lackluster, the fast food retailer hopes it will excite the taste buds. “It includes a chicken filet that’s 20% larger. It has thicker pickles and a new type of bun to ‘hug it in the right way,'” says KFC’s chief marketing officer. The sandwich also comes with spicy or classic mayonnaise. It costs $3.99 alone; the combo meal is $6.99. Right now, the chain is testing the sandwich in 15 locations in Orlando, Florida until June 21. 


Teen Swims 600 Yards to Save Dad
A 16-year-old Maine girl is being hailed as a hero for pulling off an epic swim to save her dad and sister after their boat flipped in frigid waters. Kiana French was fishing on Parlin Pond in Somerset with her father, Gary, and her 14-year-old sister, Cierrah, when their 12-foot aluminum boat started filling with water. Kiana tried to dump the water out using Cierrah’s cowboy boot as their dad manned the motor, but it didn’t work-and the boat suddenly overturned. Kiana was able to get her life jacket on and get the life jackets for her father, who was in shock, and her sister, who’s still recovering from a bout with cancer. That’s when Kiana knew she was the one who’d have to swim to shore, which she couldn’t even see, for help. She said, “I was sad to leave my sister and my dad behind, but I felt like it was the right thing to do.” She’d struggled through 600 yards of choppy water, or the equivalent of six football fields. From the shoreline, Kiana managed to flag down a party boat, and that boat and another vessel rescued Cierrah and the girls’ father. EMTs checked all three, who were relatively fine: Other than being cold, there were apparently no other injuries, other than a few scrapes on Kiana’s feet and legs. As for Cierrah, she took away her own life lesson from the experience saying, “I think I learned that I really would not like to die.”?(The Morning Sentinel)