It is thunderstorm season in Ontario and like many pet owners (I prefer the term cat dad, but I digress) I’m concerned for my pet’s well-being during the flashes of lightning and claps of thunder that cross the skies above.

The first step in helping your pet is by ignoring their nervous behaviour. Extra coddling and attempting to calm them down may be seen as a reward for this behaviour and could lead your pet making it a habit. They can also sense your fear or nervousness during a storm, making them think their nervousness is valid, stressing themselves out even more.

During a thunderstorm, static electricity builds in the air. To help fight the static, you could use a fresh dryer sheet on your dog’s fur! Rub the fur gently, doing your best not to leave chemical residue from the sheet, to help relieve the pressure of the static electricity. This method is not suggested for dogs who often groom themselves or cats.

Bring your pet to a grounded place within your house, a finished basement away from windows and doors works best. This will help muffle the sound of thunder and there could be less static electricity in the air.

If your pet likes sleeping in a crate, you can put a blanket over it! Distract them with their favourite toy in the crate until the storm passes.

If these tips don’t seem to do the trick, you can also look into medicine and pheromones that help calm pets, or you can invest in a storm jacket to help keep your pets calm and safe during a storm.


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