Dry Cleaner Loses A Man’s Pants So He Sues For A Ridiculous Amount of Money That Comes Back To Bite Him 11 Years Later

Fifteen years ago, Roy Pearson’s dry cleaners goofed up and lost a pair of his pants. So Pearson, an attorney, sued them – for $54 million dollars. At the time he claimed the pants were worth over $1,000 and the rest was for emotional distress. Over time, his demands ballooned to as high as $67 million. It took four years of prodding through the court systems but Pearson ultimately lost his case. But that wasn’t the end of it for him. It seems the Board on Professional Responsibility didn’t take kindly to his ridiculous demands including at one point a request for a judgment obligating the defendants to provide him with ongoing services and to pay him $10,000 immediately based on nothing more than his own request, a demand that the Hearing Committee called “patently non-cognizable.” So they issued a 90-day suspension of Pearson’s license to practice law. He appealed and now, 11 years later, the Court of Appeals has finally upheld that decision finding that Pearson was indeed guilty of misconduct in both motion and discovery practice and seriously interfered with the administration of justice. Enjoy your 90 days off Mr. Pearson. You deserve so much more. (AboveTheLaw.com)


Man Sues for Boredom… and Wins!

Frederic Desnard, who worked as a manager at a Paris perfumery until 2015, sued his former employer because his job was so boring that it made him depressed and forced him to quit. He just won the trial and $45,000 in compensation. Desnard’s original lawsuit was filed in 2016 and he wanted 400,000! Last week, after four years of litigation, the 48-year-old won his case. Paris’s appeals court ruled that Desnard suffered from “bore out”, which is technically the opposite of burnout, where an employee is overworked. The former manager’s lawyer claimed that the complete lack of stimulation at work had left the man feeling “destroyed” and “ashamed”, even triggering an epileptic fit when he was driving. Desnard said that he was purposely asked to do nothing but menial tasks over the course of four years, an experience he described as “a descent into hell.” These tasks allegedly involved setting up the CEO’s new tablet and letting a plumber into his boss’s home. What was originally considered a joke among law experts has now become the first such verdict of its kind in France, and will likely be cited as a precedent in future cases. Suing employers for lack of work or boredom may actually become a thing in the near future. (Oddity Central)


Skateboarder Tony Hawk Cuts Off His Wedding Ring

Tony Hawk is proudly showing off the wild x-rays from his most recent skateboarding accident … saying docs had to cut his wedding ring off in order to put his fingers back in place. Of course, the GOAT revealed he dislocated his fingers in a nasty accident over the weekend … when he was skating with his son and some friends at an empty backyard pool. “The session was fun until I did a backside smith stall as a set up for a backside blunt, and suddenly found myself on the flat bottom with my fingers bending in new directions,” Hawk said at the time. Hawk was rushed to the hospital to get his fingers locked back into place … and luckily, he’s gonna make a full recovery. Now, the 52-year-old has some new souvenirs in the x-rays following the debacle … and the way he describes what the docs had to do is CRINGE. “They had to cut my ring off before returning my bones to their full upright and locked position. My fingers are still sore / stiff / swollen but mostly functional.” But, if you think this is gonna stop Hawk from skating again … you’re DEAD wrong. “And I still love my job.” (TMZ)