We had the opportunity to speak with Cindy Rocco who is the Manager of Health Protection at Public Health Sudbury and Districts ahead of stage 2 of re-opening on Friday.

We talked about what to expect on the restaurant patio, if COVID-19 is over for us in Sudbury, child care centres, hair salons and more.

Here is what was asked if you would like to skip ahead to a certain subject.

00:08 – Are we out of the woods with COVID-19

00:46 – What is some advice you are giving to businesses that have patios that are looking to open on the weekend

01:39 – Main things you are looking for if you are inspecting a business

03:45 – What has been decision about child care centres

04:24 – How has it been going with local child care centres

04:56 – What advice do you have to barbers or hair stylists that are a little worried but opening up this weekend

06:10 – Any message for the general public about the way the community has handled this so far and going forward