Two friends born on the same day 24 years ago become fathers on the same day  

 Adam Dent and Tyler brooks may have met in a hospital nursery in Bluefield, WV. They were born on the same day, May 14th 1996. But they didn’t become friends until little league football in elementary school. 

The births of their children also occurred on the same day: Sunday June, 7th at Princeton Community Hospital. 

“I instantly messaged him and was like: ‘dude this is crazy, we’re in labor right now. He was like yeah. This would be crazy if they were born on the same day just like us.’ Same birthday, same year, same day,” Adam Dent, the father of Liam said. 

The babies were born just 10 hours apart. Lexi Grace Brooks at 1:14 pm and Liam Walker Dent arrived at 11:18 pm. 

Baby Lexi and Liam are set to be released from Princeton Community Hospital on Tuesday. 



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