65-Pound Snapping Turtle Caught After Terrorizing People in a Virginia Suburb 

An alligator snapper turtle was caught by authorities after roaming in the same northern Virginia suburb for about a month, according to the AP.?The 65-pound alligator snapper, called Lord Fairfax, has an unusual face that belies the fact that it’s a “living dinosaur,” according to one official.?The turtle is still a juvenile; it could become as big as 200-pounds and live “60 to 70 years.”?The turtle kept trying to cross a road in the Alexandria, Virginia region. Animal control officers first took Fairfax to the county animal shelter, then to the state Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.?Ultimately, Fairfax was moved to The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk.?? 


Police Need Your Help Finding The Florida Wino! 

Stero, Florida, Lee County deputies are looking for a man accused of stuffing 7 bottles of wine in his pants at a local Total Wine and stealing them. Apparently the guy stole the bottles during three separate trips, according to Crime Stoppers. And he’s got expensive taste. Those seven bottles were valued at $794.