We Were Doing Everything The Right Way….For A While
Erika Crisp is a 40-year-old health care worker from Jacksonville, Florida. She says she and 15 of her friends were extremely careful during quarantine, practicing safe social distancing and staying indoors for months “doing everything the right way.” Then Florida decided to reopen. So on the first night of “freedom,” on June 6, the group all went to Lynch’s Irish Pub in Jacksonville Beach to celebrate. And now every one of those 15 friends has COVID-19. Lynch’s learned some of its customers had tested positive for coronavirus after visiting the pub and the general manager opted to shut down voluntarily over the weekend for a deep cleaning. “We should be wearing masks. We should be social distancing. It was too soon to open everything back up.”  


Tap Dancing at Midnight
Meanwhile in downtown Cleveland, 45-year-old Jeff Croisant noticed his downstairs neighbors had put up Trump 2020 banners in their windows in response to all the civil rights protests. So Jeff decided to put up his own sign. It read: “Venmo @Jet513 and I will tap dance at midnight.” Jeff meant it as a joke and never expected a penny. But then a neighbor took a picture and posted to Twitter. Then the money started pouring in. The tweet was liked a couple thousand times, but a reshare from a man named Mike in Seattle to his Twitter went enormously viral. Jeff’s now received over 10,000 in Venmo transactions and says he’ll donate every penny to the American Civil Liberties Union. One woman is even sending him actual tap shoes that he’s currently waiting on. He says he’s now planning to make the actual tap dancing a bigger production by filming it for everyone who’s pitched in. Whenever the shoes come in, he’ll do the dance and then close the Venmo account. Jeff said he’s been overwhelmed with the response and admits, “I just wanted to annoy them a little bit ’cause they’ve been annoying me with their sign in their window.”?(Buzz Feed)