I Can Cure COVID-19 With A Kiss  

Meanwhile in Ratlam, India, a self-proclaimed holy man who claimed to be able to miraculously cure people of COVID-19 (and anything else they might be suffering from) simply by kissing their hands, has died – of COVID-19. The man, known only as Aslam, told followers that his “kiss-cure” was full proof and would cure them of all ailments. Unfortunately, Aslam’s wonder cure didn’t work too well on himself. On June 3 he was diagnosed with Covid-19 and sadly succumbed to the diseases the very next day. 



Woman Intentionally Coughs On Customer At New York City Bagel Shop 

The woman intentionally coughed on another customer after she was asked to wear a mask. 

Allison Goodbaum was at a New York city coffees shop when she saw a?woman coughing while waiting?for her order and decided to say something to the staff. “I didn’t say anything to her,” Goodbaum said. “It’s not my place to say anything to her directly, though I told the person who was working there, I told the staff that I believe they should?enforce the mask rule.” 

Apparently, the woman overheard Goodbaum and decided to take matters into her own hands, yelling at her, “Come at me to my face,” and then coughing on her before walking back to grab her order.  

“When she came to me and coughed on me, I felt her breath and I felt it, you know, on your face kind of like when someone sneezes and they’re very close to you,” she said.  

A New York State mandate?requires all New Yorkers to wear a face covering when outside of their home if they cannot maintain at least 6 feet from others. 

Goodbaum has since filed a police report and is doing a voluntary quarantine until her COVID-19 test results come in.