A Man Claims He Was Refused Entry To A Bar On His 18th Birthday

One young man from Australia recently planned to celebrate his birthday at a local bar, however his evening didn’t quite go to plan.

Cooper Allin enjoyed one drink with his mum, then claims he and his friends headed to a bar called El Grotto for his big night out, but the birthday boy was refused entry.

The teen says he wasn’t allowed in to the establishment because of his hairstyle and was stopped at the door and told it was a ‘mullet-free zone’.

The 18-year-old never thought his hair would be an issue – he’d been more worried about his choice of footwear for the evening (a pair of flip flops).

But according to the experts, venues in Western Australia are able to set their own dress codes.

Australian Hotels Association WA explained that it’s perfectly legal for bars to set and police their own standards of dress and customers might need to find the right place for them.


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