53 year old Frederick Moulton became trapped as he tried to burgle an empty property…what did he do? in England.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  

He was left hanging upside down when his leg got jammed in a window so he called the fire service to come to his rescue. 

He was arrested and pleaded guilty to burglary. 


An Arkansas? man is facing charges after he allegedly after he got angry over the toppings on his pizza. 

The shooting happened Monday afternoon at the Pie Five Pizza Co.  

A Pie Five Pizza Co. employee said she waited on Brown and he became upset with her because she was not putting enough toppings on the pizza 

The employee told police she tried to explain to Brown about portion sizes and they are measured out by management. 

The employee said she got her manager on the phone.? Brown then became upset and threw the phone at the employee, according to the police report. 

Brown walked back up to the restaurant, but the assistant manager locked the doors before the suspect could get to them, according to the police report. 

The employee said Brown tried to open the doors, got upset and pulled out a gun. 

According to the police report, Brown fired a shot into the front door while standing on the patio area and drove away. 

Brown later turned himself in.