James Bond Police Chase
In Santa Cruz, California, a very dangerous high-speed chase not only seemed like a James Bond movie, it also ended like one with a carjacking suspect plunging over the side of a cliff into the water in the vehicle he was driving. After getting reports of the stolen vehicle, police finally caught up with the suspect but say he wasn’t exactly amenable to accommodating a traffic stop. A statement from the sheriff’s office read: “The suspect continued driving South towards the city of Santa Cruz … refusing to pull over and reached speeds upward of 100mph. Once the suspect entered the city, officers stopped the chase so as not to endanger community members. They say they caught up with the suspect again, however, which is when the driver ended up “going over the cliff and into the water.” Believe it or not, he survived and scrambled out of the submerged vehicle and back up the cliff, where police were waiting to arrest him. An investigation is ongoing, and the unidentified suspect awaits charges.?
(ABC News) 


Can’t Agree on Social Distancing Guidelines? Let’s Fight!
A brawl broke out inside Saltgrass Steak House in Little Rock, Arkansas, as customers argued over social distancing guidelines. Witnesses say it all started after a woman wearing a face mask told other customers that they were sitting too close to her. An employee stated in a police report that the woman purposely coughed on the customers after telling them they were too close. Video footage from the fight shows the woman telling the group, “You’re supposed to be six feet away from me,” before the fight broke out. A total of ten people got involved in the melee and witnesses said the woman’s boyfriend even hit someone with a glass bottle. No charges have been filed.