Trump Jr.’s Girlfriend Has Got It
The latest member of President Trump’s entourage to test positive for COVID-19 received the news right before she was set to attend his event at Mount Rushmore on Friday evening-and she’s the closest one to Trump yet. Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. was tested for the coronavirus as routine procedure before the July 4 event, and was “immediately isolated to limit any exposure.” Sergio Gor, the chief of staff for the Trump Victory Finance Committee, which Guilfoyle chairs says Guilfoyle will be retested, as she hasn’t shown any symptoms, but that she’ll be canceling “all upcoming events” as a precaution.  


Couple Build’s Replica of Pyramid of Giza in Their Backyard!
A couple from Istinka, Russia, has built a concrete replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza right in their own backyard. The base measures close to 30 feet square and they used over 400 tons of concrete to build their model which is 19 times smaller than the real Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt. Andrey Vakhrushev and his wife Victoria claim that attention to detail was crucial for this project, adding that they spent years studying the design of the Pyramid of Cheops and visited it many times just to get everything right. After calculating the exact size of their pyramid, they spent a month looking for a construction crew willing to build it according to their specifications. They finally found a contractor who actually thought the project was cool. Now that it’s finished, the Vakhrushevs have made some pretty wild claims including that their pyramid can protect people from harm and heal them. Those who would like to benefit from the healing and protective powers can book a stay inside the pyramid to meditate and fill themselves with its energy. But they’ll have to cough up between $50 and $140 per night to do it.