We all love to receive a good compliment, right? And some people like to give give them out. How do you compliment a coworker’s look without offending them or making them uncomfortable?

According to Twitter, you should use the word “snazzy”. (Hey, we don’t make the rules.) One Twitter user claims “snazzy” is the best word to use because it’s totally benign.  And it’s so old-school that it’s less likely to be seen as offensive.

Other words like “neat,” “slick,” (our personal favourite) or “nifty” might work too.  But they claim “snazzy” is the safest.

The one thing they say to never comment on is physical attributes.  Like, telling someone their lips look “snazzy,” because it could still come across wrong.

So, if you see a coworker who needs a pick-me-up today, feel free to try these on for size.

“Hey, those are some snazzy trousers” or “Snazzy travel mug!”