Car Fire In Florida – But The Inside Of My Car Smells Like Grandma’s Kitchen 

Firefighters in Charlotte County, Florida had to put out a car fire at a Culver’s restaurant. The driver told the firefighters a fragrant candle he was burning inside the car tipped over onto some papers and ignited the blaze. He stopped the car outside of the restaurant and ran for a trash can to fill with water to pour on the fire, but by the time he got back to the car it was engulfed. The car was a complete loss and no injuries reported, but firefighters want to remind motorists not to drive with a burning candle in your car.?They also recommend not sticking needles in your eyes or jumping headfirst into large pools of molten lava. Just sayin‘. (Newser) 


You Break It, You Bought It – Disney Edition  

Two children in China accidentally broke a $64,000 glass Disney castle replica. 

The castle was hit when the two kids chased each other inside the Shanghai Museum of Glass. 

The museum didn’t seem too upset. “The little visitors knew that their behavior was inappropriate,” they said. 

The creators of the glass castle are taking it in stride too. 

“We’re used to kids and this kind of stuff happening,” said Rudy Arribas. “Glass breaks. Nothing is done on purpose.? ?