The local health unit says there is community spread of COVID-19 after 10 new cases were confirmed yesterday.

There have been 22 cases in the last week and a half.

The health unit says of the 22 new cases eight people had no known exposure to the virus, meaning it is spreading in the community.

“Cases of COVID-19 that are not linked to travel or to other cases means that there is community spread of the virus. Community spread is one of the measures used by the province’s Command Table to assess how we are doing with reopening. It is something I am very concerned about because no one wants to go backwards,” said Dr. Penny Sutcliffe.

One of the cases was in an employee at Pioneer Manor prompting an outbreak declaration.

Six of the ten new cases are in people under the age of 19. has asked the health unit if the cases in the people under the age of 19 are related…but the health unit can not give out that information unless absolutely necessary for public health.

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