Man Literally Flips Out
At a gas station in Orlando, police were called after a man began enthusiastically doing gymnastics in the middle of a roadway, blocking the path of customers. When he refused to stop, officers took him down but our agile friend was able to wiggle out of their grasp. He then tried a very unusual method of escape – cartwheeling. Yep, the guy started cartwheeling away from the officers – but didn’t get very far. He was later identified as 40-year-old as Gianfranco Fernandez and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.?(New York Post) 


Australian Couple Win the Lottery & Have A Baby the Same Day 

An Australian couple really hit the jackpot on Monday. According to UPI, the couple not only welcomed their first baby, they also won the lottery.?”I actually bought the ticket because our baby was due and we were feeling lucky! Turns out we really were,” the winner, a St. Leonards, New South Wales man, said. The top prize-winning ticket was worth $71,610.15 (aka $100,000 Australian dollars).?”We had a baby and a win all in one day,” the winner added. “It was an incredible day all round.” He said the money takes a lot of pressure off of his family.?”I can’t wait to use this prize to look after our baby and his beautiful mother,” he said. “We would love to put this prize towards getting a nice apartment.”