Vale says the iconic stack is ready to go…but it won’t be taken down anytime soon.

Vale announced they completed the last steps, the tie-in to the flue systems to the two new 450 foot stacks, officially taking the 1,250 foot stack out of commission.

The two smaller and more efficient stacks will require far less energy to operate than the Superstack, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Vale’s Copper Cliff Smelter by approximately 40%.

By changing to two smaller and more efficient stacks, natural gas consumption is estimated to drop by nearly half, from 94 million cubic metres per year to 48 million cubic metres per year.

This savings is equivalent to the average fuel consumption of approximately 17,500 homes, or approximately 1/3 of all the households in Greater Sudbury.

The company says there is no immediate need for the concrete shell to be demolished and it’s expected to remain a part of the Sudbury skyline for several years to come.

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