Dying to Travel? Love Hello Kitty? Well…
You’ve heard of a bridge to nowhere? How about a “flight to nowhere?” That’s the plan behind EVA Air’s latest gimmick to appeal to Taiwanese citizens who have been jonsing to travel during the coronavirus pandemic. To celebrate Father’s Day – which is celebrated this Saturday in in Taiwan – the airline is offering a trip on its “super popular” Hello Kitty Dream jet, which will take off from the Taipei Taoyuan Airport, fly around for three hours, then return to the same airport. While in the air, guests will be able to text using WiFi and view in-flight entertainment programming, all while being spoiled with Hello Kitty-style amenities and a meal served up by Michelin three-star chef Motokazu Nakamura. The airline’s website reads: “The international travel market has been suspended for more than half a year. Citizens’ cries for going abroad is getting stronger. To satisfy travelers’ wishes, EVA Air has decided to introduce an ‘alternative travel experience.'” A ticket for Flight 5288-a number that sounds like “I love Dad” when said in Chinese-will cost around $180 for economy seats, $215 for business class, per Travel + Leisure. The magazine notes this isn’t the first faux-travel experience in the island nation: In June, Songshan Airport hosted an experience that allowed wannabe globe-trotters to check in and go through the usual security rigmarole, then board and disembark an airplane.?(Oddity Central) 


Hey Steve, What Is That In Your Pool?? 

In Mobile, Alabama, homeowner Steven McCulland woke up to an unexpected visitor swimming in his backyard pool: an alligator. He recorded a video of the unwanted guest on video and posted it on social media. In classic Alabama fashion, McCulland is heard saying on the video, “What in the blue blazes is this?” And he told those watching the video: “If you own an alligator and you’re missing one, he in my backyard in my pool. Come get him.” (WRCB TV News)