Guys, if you are having trouble finding a match on the dating apps, you may want to take a quick look at your profile pics.

A study by found men who posted shirtless pics of themselves got a quarter fewer matches (regardless of the fact that those men think it helps. Hmmmm.)

“It’s based on what we like. If men like looking at women images topless or in bikinis, then they think, ‘Oh, that’s what women are going to want also’”, says a Toronto sex therapist. 

The study shows that 66% of women think men’s shirtless pictures indicate “a lack of maturity and self-awareness.” 76% of women were unlikely to consider dating a man with a shirtless picture on their profile.

Ladies, the same theory does NOT apply to you; the study found that women who post bikini pics on dating apps saw a 40% increase in matches.