What Are You Doing Out Of The Jungle? Big Cat Sighting In West Sussex. 


At first glance, the beast certainly looked like it might belong in the jungle, rather than near Steyning, West Sussex, where it was spotted. 

As police arrived on the scene,? officers were surprised to find that the reports appeared to be true: a black-furred big cat was indeed leaning on the back of a park bench. 

But as a picture of the animal – highlighted by the police car’s headlights – shows, the big cat was in fact, just a large stuffed toy. 

(Sky News) 



Mmmm….Your Crocs Smell Sooooo Good 

Colonel Sanders KFC is set to release special edition Crocs. 

They will come with two charms that attach to the top of the shoes.  

The charms are a replica of a KFC drumstick, they even have the KFC scent. 

Covered in a fried chicken print and a?striped base, these will make your?dreams of wearing 

a bucket of chicken??nally come true.