Would You Pay For A “Virtual Snuggle”? 

Just like many other businesses, professional cuddlers who make their living embracing strangers in a nonsexual way, have had a hard time offering up their services. 

It appears, however, that the industry has found a way to offer their skills through a screen. (This is what is used to be like) 

Here’s the deal. The one seeking the cuddle is asked to lie on his side with one arm stretched under his head and the other near his torso — simulating him holding himself. 

Do you think it would be anywhere near the same as human contact? 



This Serial Guinness World Record Has Added Another Title To His Record  

Idaho world record fanatic David Rush spent nearly a year-and-a-half prepping for his latest title, using 1 hand to stack 48 poker chips in 30 seconds, UPI reports. Rush who has over 150 Guinness World Records under his belt, said it took him that long to build up the speed necessary to break the record of 42 chips. He said he used 1 hand to stack 1 chip at a time, with and all were spaced out by at least 4 inches from the stack. In his attempt, he got to 49 but the last chip wasn’t counted, as it happened just after the minute mark. The stack of 48 stood for at least 5 seconds, which qualified him for the record. Rush uses his Guinness World Records to promote STEM education.?