We are right in the middle of mosquito season across Ontario and I am SICK and TIRED of being bitten, just on the walk from my front door to my car! Here are some tips to make your property less mosquito friendly:


  • Have Less Spots for Mosquitoes to Breed:

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so having less standing water on your property will limit the amount of mosquitoes around! If you’d like to keep some of those water features, like a birdbath, you can change the water weekly to help limit the amount of pesky critters.

  • Use Repellent in Your Outdoor Living Spaces:

Natural repellents are easy to make and surprisingly effective at repelling mosquitoes! All you need is a spray bottle, some apple cider vinegar and an essential oil of your choice for smell! Details HERE.

  • Attract Mosquito Eating Friends!

Birds and Bats are predators to the mosquito, if you’d like a hand keeping their population down, add some bird feeders and bird nests to your property; treat your flying friends well and they’ll help keep the mosquitoes at bay!

  • Get Your Neighbours Onboard!

Mosquitoes can fly roughly 2 miles from where they’re hatched, and even more if it’s windy! Ask your neighbors to implement similar practices and you may just see even less pests around!

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