What Would You Do If You Saw A Snake In Your Toilet? 

A woman in Colorado received the shock of her life when she found a snake in her apartment’s toilet.  

The woman she was using the restroom?when she found the snake slithering up.? 

She posted photos on Facebook, writing: “I’ve never been so scared in my life”. 

It took the apartment maintenance man 40 minutes get he snake out. 



Caught In Your Parachute 40 Feet In The Air 

Cleveland police are investigating after a man and his parachute were found hanging from a downtown parking garage. The poor guy was found hanging 40 feet in the air and had to be rescued by firefighters. The 34-year-old told police he jumped from a plane with four other friends who reportedly landed safely in the park. He was transported to Metro Hospital with a broken right leg, which he injured when striking the parking garage. (News 5 Cleveland)