One couple has been going viral after a photo of the RSVP card started circulating online.

The RSVP card asks guests to circle the amount of money they intend to give as a wedding gift.

The amount of money they give will equate to the quality of meal they are served! Basically, those who provide more money, will be given a better meal.

“So that we may prepare your preferred dinner, please circle your gift level and indicate a meal choice for each person in your party”, the card says

It then goes on to break down four gift levels: loving gift, silver gift, golden gift, platinum gift.

Want to know what you’d get for each level?

The first level (loving gift) gets you a dinner of roast chicken or swordfish – but you’d have to pay up to $250 for it.

The silver gift will set you back $251 to $500 and for this you get either of the above as options but can also choose from sliced steak and poached salmon.

At the golden level which costs $501 to $1000 guests have the option of any of the meals, as well as filet mignon and lobster tails.

But if you’re feeling really generous, you could always gift $1001 to $2500 and dine on 2lb lobster while drinking from a souvenir champagne goblet.

Many Reddit users were obviously appalled by the RSVP card but some weren’t convinced it was for a wedding, saying it might be for a charity fundraising event. (Let’s hope!)

If you are curious, the average wedding gift is said to currently  be $109.