Hot off the heels of unveiling a plan to revitalize the Ledo Hotel on Elgin Street, a mural directing people to a website with information on Junction projects can now be seen on the iconic downtown building.

The mural simply reads: Welcome to the Junction, with the website address painted across the bottom of it. On the opposite side of the Ledo Hotel is more writing, but it reads: Bienvenue, and has the website again.

When you visit the website, visitors are welcomed with a simple design: Large white letters on a black background. It lists a number of proposed projects including plans by the La Ledo Inc. group to redevelop a historic and iconic corner of the downtown.

The website also shows off the Project Now designs, as well as conceptual designs of the Elgin Greenway project, the Sudbury Library and Art Gallery, as well as aerial views of the Ledo.

Through the website, you can also visit The Junction Sudbury’s Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram pages. There is very little information on any of those platforms, though. will be following along the story.