Be a part of the show at 7:45am every weekday with Game On, a fun and engaging on-air call-in contest – with lots of great prizes like $100 in Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49 tickets and more! All you have to do to is call (705) 566-1053 when it’s time to play!

Here’s a list of potential games you may play!

  1. Two Truths & a Lie: Cory or Jamie will give you 3 statements about themselves and you will have to guess which is the lie in order to win.
  2. What’s the Year: Cory & Jamie will list off 3 events and whoever identifies the correct year that all 3 events occurred in, will win.
  3. 5 in 10: You will have to name 5 items within a category in 10 seconds or less to win.
  4. Yes or BS: Cory & Jamie will take turns reading 3 statements/facts. You will have to guess if each statement is true (YES) or false (BS). If you get 2 out of 3 correct, you win.
  5. Siri Sings: Cory & Jamie will play some song lyrics into Siri, and get Siri to recite them robotically on the air. If you can correctly identify the song, you win!
  6. Verse in Reverse: Cory & Jamie will play a well known song in reverse. If you can identify it, you win!
  7. Price is Right: Cory & Jamie will choose a random item for sale online, and read the description on-air. You and another caller will guess the price, whoever is closest without going over, wins!
  8. Gift of the Gab: You will choose a “Person, Place or Thing” and Cory & Jamie will give you a topic based on your choice. You will have 30 seconds to talk about said topic, without stopping, pausing or filling time with “Um’s” and “Ah’s”.
  9. Music Montage: Cory & Jamie will play 3 song clips. If you can identify what the three have in common, you win!
  10. Yes/No: You will have a 30-seond conversation/question and answer chat with Cory & Jamie. You cannot say “yes” or “no” for 30 seconds (or any variant on those words) in order to win.
  11. What’s Next: Cory & Jamie will play clip of a song or a well known movie, and you will have to correctly guess the next word (or the first word, whatever the case may be.) If you answer correctly, you win!

No purchase necessary. Contest closes May 31st, 2021 at 11:59pm. All times are Eastern. Grand Prize consists of  $100 in Lotto Max tickets or $100 in Lotto 6/49 tickets. Prize value is $100 CND. Must correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question to win. Contest open to residents of Ontario within the terrestrial broadcast radius of KiSS 105.3 (excluding residence of North Bay) who are over the age of 18. Winner can only win Game On once every 30 days, regardless of the method or type of tickets won.

For complete rules & regulations, click here!