The KiSS $5,000 Secret Sound is BACK! Brought to you by Delta Bingo & Gaming!

One sound could win you BIG money! We’ll play a sound and if you guess it right, and you’ll win the KiSS Secret Sound jackpot loaded with $500! Guess it wrong, we add $50! The jackpot keeps growing with each weekday play at 3pm and 5pm until it’s guessed correctly.

Guess the sound, win the cash!

Listen to win your share of $5000 with Cory & Jamie each weekday at 3pm and 5pm. Listen for the cue to text along with a special key word. Text* the key word given to 123321 along with your first and last name for your chance to play and Cory & Jamie could be calling YOU to make your official guess! Standard messaging and data charges may apply. Please note that entry is limited to one text per player per contest occasion.

Cory & Jamie could be calling YOU to make your official guess!

Past WRONG guesses!

  • Garbage disposal in a sink
  • Toy dispenser machine (in the mall)
  • Mop bucket spinner pedal
  • Date stamp
  • Widget/Tab on a can of Guinness
  • Garbage disposal
  • Opening a Keurig/Opening a Keurig machine/Pod going into a Keurig machine
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Dice popper in “Sorry” boardgame/The bubble in the middle of the Trouble board game
  • Jack-in-the-box opening
  • Ice dispenser in fridge/dispensing ice from the fridge
  • Closing a door
  • Twist of a doorknob
  • Opening a microwave door
  • Changing the slide on a “Viewmaster”
  • Toy cash register
  • A safe door closing
  • Pop can crusher
  • Cash Register
  • Printer paper drawer opening/closing
  • Cassette tape going in or out of slot
  • Hole punch
  • A paper cutter/slicer
  • Opening the tailgate of a truck
  • Opening a can of Pringles
  • Plunger holder
  • Office stamp
  • Slap Chop
  • A turnstyle
  • Coin operated washer
  • VHS tape going into a VCR
  • The spring release on a pinball machine
  • The paddles on a pinball machine/flippers on a pinball machine
  • Throwing a can into a recycling bin
  • A jukebox turning the song page
  • Toilet flushing
  • The tray in the “Perfection” game
  • Electric breaker going on and off
  • Video game cartridge being ejected
  • Pot belly pig
  • Kids Playskool cash register
  • Price tag sticker gun
  • Turn signal lever
  • Lever of a slot machine
  • Gas cap on a vehicle
  • Sliding back across the top part of an old school typewriter
  • Small garbage can with a foot pedal you open and close
  • Last click of a gas pump handle when trying to top it up to an even number
  • Pulling the tray out of an air fryer
  • The tray at the bingo hall that drops the balls in the blower
  • The latch on a briefcase
  • Hanging up a gas nozzle at a gas pump
  • Closing the middle compartment door in a car   
  • Old credit card imprinter
  • Stapler


No purchase necessary. Must be 18 years or older to play. Must be a resident of Ontario and live within the terrestrial broadcast radius of KiSS 105.3 (excluding residents of North Bay). To be deemed a potential winner, the contestant will be given the opportunity to identify the sound effect weekdays at  3pm and 5pm excluding holidays. If the sound effect is correctly identified, the contestant will win the current cash amount available in the jackpot. Cash jackpots will start at $500 and will increase by $50 each contest occasion when the sound is incorrectly guessed.  Must correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question to win. FULL CONTEST RULES HERE.